Welcome to Frosch Restaurant


Our home is the charming and sunny village of Varena, at the foot of Corno Nero. We are located opposite the main mediaeval church, a fascinating piece of gothic architecture dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Our restaurant enjoys glorious views of the Lagorai mountain range and is surrounded by the gurgling of local traditional fountains made of porphyry, from which, according to tradition, springs the best drinking water in the valley. At night, the lights of the village’s houses and courtyards evoke the picturesque atmosphere of a Christmas nativity scene.

Cookery is, fundamentally, a science. It is up to the chef to turn it into an art.
(Gualtiero Marchesi)

Our philosophy


The careful restoration of the restaurant’s building maintained its traditional use of ancient materials. The marriage of wood and stone, with a touch of evocative modernity, guarantees both welcoming warmth and a timeless atmosphere. Combined with the delicious flavours of our cuisine, the scent of wood, the softness of natural fabrics and the warm colours of the interiors offer our guests an unrivalled multi-sensory experience.

Our cuisine is at once simple and surprising, refined but never pretentious, rooted in our territory but offering unexpected combinations of Italian and international culinary masterpieces. All this makes Frosch a unique restaurant in the culinary scene of Val di Fiemme.

I like that spirit of getting together, conviviality without frills, being surrounded by snowflakes, thick walls, while holding a glass of wine for a few hours of absolute bliss.
(Virginia Woolf)

Our cuisine


The pastures, forests, wine cellars and fields of Val di Fiemme offer an abundance of culinary wonders, and we chose to celebrate them as they deserve to be by going beyond the traditional dishes and letting our local produce interact with the richness of recipes and products from all around the world.

From the marriage of Grigio Alpina beef and the American tradition comes an amazing gourmet hamburger, a feast of flavour and succulence. The mountain char meets British influences, resulting in an unexpected and delicately crunchy alpine fish & chips. These are just two examples of the endless culinary combinations possible between different cultures and countries, where the love for local produce and traditions connects with new flavours and techniques.

A cuisine rooted in its region but open to new flavours, one that dares to experiment without losing its soul, that looks at faraway lands for inspiration but always leaves its heart in our Valley.

Complicating a recipe is the best way to mask a chef’s lack of talent.
(Michel Bras)

Our passion for nature


To guarantee an organic touch to our dishes, our vegetables and herbs come from our kitchen garden, which is chemical-free from seed to table, relying only on natural fertilisers, water and abundant sunlight. This is how we grow our seasonal vegetables, small fruits and edible flowers, which we use to decorate our dishes and give them an original local touch.

We celebrate seasonality and make sure that each dish is a faithful representation of its season, according to the natural cycles of the earth and the weather.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.
(Virginia Woolf)

Frosch Restaurant

Via SS Pietro e Paolo, 1 – 38030 Varena (TN)
Val di Fiemme | Dolomiti
0462 936650 | info@frosch-restaurant.com